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 On the Right Track - Guide to Mental Fitness and Resilience

New Brunswick's Wellness Strategy 2014-2021 provides a framework that will enable any community, school, workplace, organization, family or individual to see how their goals, activities, or mandates are supported by improved wellness and how they can contribute to enhancing wellness within the province. It will be a road map for many government initiatives, and continue to support the good work that has begun in schools, communities, workplaces and homes through the previous Strategy. The renewed Wellness Strategy supports action on all dimensions of wellness and determinants of health, encourages a comprehensive approach and focuses on inclusiveness and equity. The renewed framework also promotes using a mental fitness approach to wellness, which is critical to motivation and engagement.

Guided by its 2014-15 wellness action plan, the Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities will continue to support projects and initiatives that focus on healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco-free living and mental fitness and resilience in schools, communities, workplaces and homes throughout the province, in support of the renewed strategy.

In addition, we will be working with other government department's to develop a GNB Wellness Action Plan.

New Brunswick's Wellness Strategy, the heart of our future.

New Brunswick's Wellness Strategy 2014-2021

Wellness Strategy Framework 2014-2021

Wellness Strategy Action Plan 2014-2015